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Real Poker With Real Money For Real Players

Real poker sounds like a pretty damn enjoyable game. But is there any other kind of poker than the real one and what is real poker to begin with? We will attempt to to answer these questions in this article without getting too philosophical in the process.

Real poker could be interpreted as live poker played at a casino but this simply does not feel right. There is a whole lot more to real poker than that. Real poker involves the smoking of cigars, the drinking of whisky, the staking of real and big money on the table and a change of physical dealer with every hand. No chips, no professional dealer, no rake and no pussies at the table. You know that you play real poker when you look at your life savings on the table through a haze of smoke while the whisky is burning in your blood. The game itself can be 5-card-draw, 7 card stud or Texas Hold'em, although Texas Hold'em is prefered due to its sheer elegance and simplicity.

Playing poker at a live casino is only semi-real poker. It is too contrived and plastic. It just does not cut it. When you play real poker you don't fiddle around with chips. You use real dollar bills and coins on the table. Filthy, aged, wrinkled money with a history. Money smelling of smoke, perfume, sweat & blood. And you don't have any house dealer keeping track of things. Either you stay sharp or the others will fuck you over. Cheating, stealing and threatening are definitely elements of real poker and they are lacking in casino poker.

Playing online poker with real money represented by numbers is certainly more spontaneous and casual than playing live poker at a casino but it is not tangible enough to qualify as real poker. There are no faces, no physical money on the table, no smoke and no manual handling of cards. No psyching and no sense of being cornered. The end of the game is just a click away at all times. It is only semi-real, just like casino poker.

Playing poker live or online without anything at stake is what we call fake poker. Ultimately, it is the money at stake that makes the game real and with no money at stake there is nothing real about it at all. Playing poker without stakes is like eating bread without butter. A bland, dry and utterly boring experience that has no business being in your life and depriving it of flavour.